Saturday, June 25, 2011


(I wrote this posting a few years back when I was struggling with where I was spiritually, even though I am in a different, better place in my relationship with Christ, I thought this was a good read for a start. )

"Just as you are", is an answer the Lord gave me as I contemplated what I needed to do to get back right with GOD.

I guess i should give you a little background. I wasn't always this way,....away from God and full of unbelief. A few years back (now i realise) how much closer and intimate my relationship with the Lord was. Of all the wonderful things He had shown me and the beautiful experiences that I had had in his presence. I trusted the Lord and i believed,..... the child- like faith!

Somehow along the way so much has changed, alot has gone on and now i realise that I allowed myself to be moved, I allowed myself to have my eyes taken away from God. All i know is that I want to get back to where i was. Every night i wonder what it is i need to to do to get myself right with God. What is it i can do to make God accept me back in and get back to the place that i was before, and all Jesus said was "Just as you are."

All i need to do is let HIM take of me, let HIM love me, let HIM wash me, let HIM embrace me. JUST AS I AM He will take me back and all i felt was an overwhelming sense of love.

I would love to have the opportunity to share my journey, maybe someone in a similar situation too will know JUST AS YOU ARE, God accepts you!

It does not matter what you have done, said, thought, felt, JUST AS YOU ARE! It doesn't matter how far you think you have fallen, or how far you feel like you are away for God JUST AS YOU ARE He will take you back!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's right. 'Just as I am!'. He understands and that's why He gave us Jesus Christ in human form so he would show you that he understands. What an AWESOME God we have. I stand in awe of Him. I've been through this journey, slipping away from God, but He is faithful, He is always there waiting for you. The Devil tries to nail you down and convince you that you are not right in the eyes of God, but that's why Jesus came.... for you and I 'Just as we are'.I love where am at now, but I don't want to be comfortable, I don't want be settled or satisfied , because I want to seek more of HIM. Thank You Jesus for the prize you paid for me! I Love you sooo much.