Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Really?? I mean.......... How? Why?

Now if your someone who is fully confident in their own abilities and even desired and pursued to be in ministry since you were knee high, it might not seem like a challenge. For the rest of us suffering from Moses syndrome, you think, " Surely this can't be right! God must have made a mistake!" then it is a whole 'nother story.

The utter sense of inadequence that fills my heart is almost unexplainable. What is it I could do for God, How could I do it? A sense of fear overcomes me and I almost feel like choking on the very idea of failing at this task that seems to big to accomplish.

I am no David, Jeremiah, Joseph, Peter or Paul. I stumble and feel the weighted burden of ministry on my back just at the thought of it. Don't get me wrong, it is an honor and privilege to serve the Lord but the reality is my sense of inadequacy can have a crippling effect.

Looking around there are those who are so much better and suited for the call. His thoughts who can know them.

Somehow in the midst of my self doubt, I am reminded it is not me but Him that works through me. My only job is to believe and cooperate with Him and let Him work in me and through me. Easier said than done but I take refuge in the fact that, God never fails and His word which is like dew on the ground never goes unaccomplished.

One day at a time!!

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