Monday, June 27, 2011


      In a world like today, in a time such as this, so many people are troubled and despaired. We all look for a quick step solution to all our problems. There were times I do wish I had Aladdin's genie or Cinderellas fairy godmother. Just a wave of the wand or a snap of the finger and everything would be alright.

        Well, I shouldn't envy fictional characters, if anything, they ought to envy me because I have someone even better. The WORD of God who is Jesus Himself. (John 1:1)

       Everything is already provided for in the WORD of God. Psalm 107:20 says, " He sends forth His WORD and heals them and rescues them from the pit and destruction."

     Many wait for a miracle to happen in a dramatic way (and it can and does happen, but this is more of an exception than a rule), and chase after men and women of God whom we consider as the "chosen ones and flowing in the gifts" to lay hands or speak a prophecy into our life, yet, the very miracle we need is right in front of us. Everyday spend time in the WORD, cultivate a habit of meditating on His WORD. His WORD is alive, it is pure, it is Jesus Himself. Meditate on Jesus.

      (PS: There is nothing wrong with having a man or woman of God pray for you; but let us not feel as though if they are not around then we will not receive from God)

       When in a situation where we need healing, restoration, protection, redemption, salvation, His WORD, comes forth. JESUS COMES FORTH. God loves us all so very much and wants us to have that intimate relationship with Him that whatever we need or want, we are confident in Him and His WORD and go to Him directly and He can send forth His WORD. How much better is it to be the one who enjoys that closeness with Abba Papa that when you need anything, you hear directly from Him. As a beloved child of God, you have that privileged, you are chosen, you are anointed, you have son-ship,you have kingship, you are a priest so you can speak His WORD and He can bring it forth to you and through you.

        Let His WORD come forth in your life in every aspect. Let Jesus come forth

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Tina said...

Greetings! Did you create this image - the ring on the Bible creating a heart? Praise God! Very creative and inspiring! I really like it!

Peace and Love be with you!